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A Wally’s Weiner is a Smoked pork and Chicken skinless Frankfurt made exclusively for Wally’s.

Express – Frankfurt , with your choice of sauce toppings.
Cheesy Wally – Onions Caramelized with butter and olive oil finished with thyme and a touch of champagne vinegar topped with mixed cheese special blend.
Atomic – Wally’s signature Chili made including AC Butchery’s premium beef mince, aromatic spices Cumin, Smoked Paprika, multiple secret combinations of chili’s including Jalapeños, kidney beans and mixed cheese special blend.
Boston – AC Butchery’s premium chunky style Bacon, with onions and mixed cheese special blend.
New York – Sauerkraut with mixed cheese special blend.
Atlanta – Again made with Wally’s signature Chili with house house made Creamy Coleslaw.
Kransky – Oven baked with a coarse texture made with pepper and a hint of garlic, Sauerkraut with mixed cheese special blend.
Texas – Slow cooked beef brisket sourced from the hunter valley, aromatic Mexican spices, Capsicum Annum, Cumin, Coriander, Chipotle with Creamy Coleslaw finished with sweet Carolina BBQ sauce.
Healthy Wally – Your choice of meat with a Wally’s Salad.

Prices Express $6.90 Cheese $8 Gourmet dogs $9 Texas and Salad $10


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